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This is a multimedia response to a comment on my earlier post.

The Comment Reads:

Fear mongering or just pointing out a fact that should be brought up. This is a real concern to many people...as it should be, as you want the leader of your country to be able to handle the job. Hillary makes a great point in the commercial, good for McCain on using her, one of the Dems leaders questioning their candidate. I would have done the same!

Have you looked at Obama's resume? He had one job for 8 years as an "assistant lawyer" the people I trust the least are lawyers. He couldn't get a job as a middle manager in any company let alone a top CEO position as the job as President most likely resembles.

Poor, Poor Obama.... As of Today: 8/26/08
- Behind in the polls
- No bump in polls with Biden announcement (never happened before)
- Lost 3 points when DNC started (never happened before)
- Although Hillary's speech was very good and well presented, she only said she would support Obama over McCain. Never stated he would be a good president or he was "ready" to be president, in fact she did not make any praise of Obama at all, she did however praise Biden and Michelle.

The Obama campaign kind of reminds me of a multi-level marketing sales person trying to sell you something; sounds great when you are in the room with the entire cheering crowd, but as soon as you get in your car you "know" it was not right and cannot be delivered.

I love the idea John Lennon had "imagine" but not realistic, a very naive' way to look at life...

My Special Comment Response:

Hillary had a loosing argument on inexperience which is why she lost (or more factually, why Obama won). McCain using Hillary in his commercial is just plain slimy, a typical and expected Republican tactic. And what is with the totally out of place, spliced together montage in the middle with all of the missiles being launched? I’m sure the commercial storyboards said something like “insert stock fear video footage here”.

So Hillary didn’t “praise” Obama enough? She lost to him and is understandably bitter. But she would rather suck it up and put on a pretty face for Obama than see McCain continue the Cheney administration’s failed policies (oh sorry, Bush administration). Are you saying that it’s OK for folks like McCain hating Limbaugh to come around, but it’s not OK for Hillary to do the same?

My God! We are spending $10 BILLION dollars a month in Iraq because Bush wanted to teach Saddam a lesson for trying to kill his daddy. Doesn’t that make you sick to know that we are borrowing money from China to pay for this war? $10 BILLION dollars a month! Or are you OK with that? The debt on the interest alone is enough to crumble our economy. PLUS Bush/Cheney/McCain is leaving this debt for my unborn son to pay off. And McCain wouldn’t mind if we spend money keeping troops in Iraq forever. We literally can’t afford this war.

imageObama is a once a in generation candidate running on what we can be as a nation if we come together and take responsibility for our actions, not on what’s wrong or how we should just get a handout (i.e. not your typical Democrat). Did you read my post on why Obama is not WAY ahead in the polls?  It is white trash ass-holes like these geniuses (above/right), Rush Limbaugh (the douche bag who said that John Edwards cheated on his wife because she wouldn't shut up and John wanted a woman who “did something with her mouth besides talk”) and the back woods Cooters like them who are keeping Obama’s numbers down. Not because they disagree with his policies. No. Simply because he doesn't look like them (i.e. because he is black).

Back in 2000 a smear campaign ran by  “the Bushies” claimed that McCain had fathered a black child out of wedlock (the McCains' dark-skinned daughter who was adopted from Bangladesh), that his wife Cindy was a drug addict, that he was a homosexual, and that he was a "Manchurian Candidate" who was either a traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days. All of a sudden, these same Republicans think McCain is the belle of the ball?

image And why is it that we never see McCain’s adapted daughter on the road with him? We see plenty of family pictures with John, the Borg Princess Cindy and the “good looking” blonde white daughter. It’s almost like he is ashamed or embarrassed (which I find hard to believe). Or is it because if he is seen with a non-white daughter, his unforgiving “followers” may not vote for him either.

Candidate McCain is NOTING like the "Maverick" image that Senator McCain earned. He votes 90% of the time with the Republican line of Bush. Candidate McCain is also employing the same people used by Bush to run his campaign. It's the same Republican dirty politics and the "anything is fair as long as we win" mentality that were used against him in 2000 and that America is sick of. Watch the McCain vs McCain video below:

Now let’s talk about McCain’s character. McCain is the kind of guy who yells at you for being on his yard. McCain made the joke at a 1998 Republican Senate fundraiser: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" he asked. "Because her father is Janet Reno." Sure, McCain apologized later but still, what a dick. And then there is this one that should really make you wonder. McCain said to his own wife at a 1992 campaign event (as reported in the book The Real McCain): "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt." That was his public response to her teasing him about his thinning hair. Any who says “trollop” any more? Does McCain also call a gas station a “filling station” and ride around in a “horseless carriage”? (Yes, John McCain is old. Very, very old.)

This is simply a window into McCain's cruel side. A side that knows no other way to solve a problem than by bombing it or “surging it” or some other way where American troops die just to say that we “won”.

So don’t talk to me about “poor Obama”. Candidate John McCain is a joke who will continue to drive this country into the poor house and our brave soldiers into their graves, and at the same time lining his “fat cat” friends’ pockets. Do you remember how many houses you own?


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