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Watch the latest McCain commercial. It features a clip from Hillary Clinton’s famous “3am phone call” ad and even a guest appearance by Hillary herself. It’s yet another fear mongering commercial that the Republicans are so famous for.

Oh BTW, Thanks Hillary.


IdleFast Events said on August 27, 2008 at 11:53 AM ...

Fear mongering or just pointing out a fact that should be brought up. This is a real concern to many people...as it should be, as you want the leader of your country to be able to handle the job. Hillary makes a great point in the commercial, good for McCain on using her, one of the Dems leaders questioning their candidate. I would have done the same!
Have you looked at Obama's resume? He had one job for 8 years as an "assistant lawyer" the people I trust the least are lawyers. He couldn't get a job as a middle manager in any company let alone a top CEO position as the job as President most likely resembles
Poor, Poor Obama....
As of Today: 8/26/08
- Behind in the polls
- No bump in polls with Biden announcement (never happened before)
- Lost 3 points when DNC started (never happened before)
- Although Hillary's speech was very good and well presented, she only said she would support Obama over McCain. Never stated he would be a good president or he was "ready" to be president, in fact she did not make any praise of Obama at all, she did however praise Biden and Michelle.

The Obama campaign kind of reminds me of a multi-level marketing sales person trying to sell you something; sounds great when you are in the room with the entire cheering crowd, but as soon as you get in your car you "know" it was not right and cannot be delivered.

I love the idea John Lennon had "imagine" but not realistic, a very naive' way to look at life...


Donavon West said on August 28, 2008 at 3:49 PM ...

Read my response here.


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