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On last night’s appearance on Jay Leno, John McCain joked “For a million bucks, how many houses do you have?”. John McCain immediately went to his answer of answers: “I was a POW for 5 years”.

First watch the Leno clip…

And now watch a discussion during from MSNBC’s coverage of last night’s DNCC. Moderator Nora O'Donnell asked Rachael Maddow if John McCain was “playing the POW card”. I completely agree with Rachael’s assessment as did the crowd behind her.

John McCain is missing the point (actually, he knows exactly what the point is and is just trying to obfuscate the issue). We don’t care that he/Cindy own seven houses (or is it eight). What bother’s people is that he is so out of touch that he didn’t know how many houses that he owned. (read original article on Politico)


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