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The 3am Text Message

I think that Joe Biden is an excellent choice for Obama’s vice president. He has a problem saying what he means instead of saying what he should, but as an “attack dog” VP against McCain, he will do just fine. He should also be able to mop the floor with any VP selection that McCain may make.

However, I feel that the timing of the text message announcement will only help to piss off the hard core sore looser Hillary supporters even more. I realize that this is a only small percentage of Hillary supporters and that most have fallen in line behind the presumptive Democratic nominee, but I really fear a divided convention with boos, jeers and disruptions from floor.



Bruce Kasrel said on August 25, 2008 at 1:06 PM ...

Ok, as a "sore loser" Hillary supporter I am bit confused as to why a 3am message is going to stir things up. Who cares what time thte message came out, it the fact that she was never even consulted or vetted that speaks volumes.

Seems to me Barak is starting to do what Hillary did in January, think that it was all said and done and everyone should just fall in line with the chosen one. Be careful about the language coming from the Obama camp as running as the favorite. You won the party nod running as the underdog outsider, if you run as the default choice you will loose (even if Hillary were on the ticket).

I have to say, this Obama as an elistis and arrogant is something that can stick and if he plays this out as I dont like Hillary and that is why I did not choose her, then we will have McCain for sure.

Donavon West said on August 26, 2008 at 12:03 PM ...

@kas - All I have to say to you and any other "I'm never voting for Obama" Hillary supporter is this: Are you really willing to cut off your nose to spite your face? If McCain is elected, the current 5-4 balance in the Supreme Court (conservative vs. liberals) could sway to 6-3. Say goodbye to everything that you (supposedly) believe in and hold dear. So go ahead and vote McCain just to prove your point or get in line behind the Democratic nominee!

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