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People are asking (ok, not people, but “news people” who have nothing to do right now so they make up news) “With the President Bush’s approval rating in the basement and the Republican brand so tarnished, why isn’t Barack Obama way ahead in the polls”?

I have 3 reasons:

  1. Concerns over lack of experience. Some people believe that Obama is still too green to be president (and not the cool trendy “eco” green). Especially in contrast to John McCain who has been in Washington, well, forever.
  2. Race. Even in this day and age there are still many people who will never vote for a black man. You know the kind. They can be found frequenting NASCAR events with a Confederate flag adorning the back window of their pickup truck. Or are hidden away in the Rocky Mountain west clinging to their guns and their religion and have a stockpile of ammo buried in their back yard.
  3. Obama is running against two opponents: John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Sure, Hillary “suspended” her campaign several months ago, but there are still enough sore loser Hillary supporters out there that have either moved to McCain’s side, or are not going to vote. They would rather see Obama lose to prove that the Democrats picked the wrong candidate. And this week (in the ABC interview), Bill Clinton showed that he is still campaigning against Obama when he answered the question “Is Obama qualified to be President?”.

Add it all up and Obama is only a few points ahead of McCain in national polls and unable to break 50%. Still not too shabby given what he is up against.


IdleFast Events said on August 22, 2008 at 5:41 PM ...

Sir Donavon,

Like it or not the dems have had an uphill battle since 1958 (the last time they were able to get 50% of the vote in a national election other than Carter)the majority of voters in the US has voted Rep over the past 50 years.
Obama is almost exactly where the dems have been..xo


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