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Have you heard of the musician Pete Yorn? He has remained well played on my iTunes ever since I heard his album "Music for the Morning After" (or more appropriately: "musicforthemorningafter"). Not only is this the coolest title ever for an album, but the music is great.

He has a new video out titled American Blues Vol. 1. On his myspace page he says:

I wrote American Blues Vol. 1. on the 4th of July after reading the morning paper. It's unlike any song I've ever written. I was moved by how much negativity I was reading about and how even groups were boycotting Independence Day because they were so disgusted with the state of our Nation. I was hoping things would improve...they obviously haven't yet...but I know they will in time. I sent the song to some friends and one of them (a really old friend of mine who is actually a huge reason I didn't give up on a musical career back in 1998) was really affected by the message. He always has had an unwavering faith in America and has always been able to laugh when times got tough. The video for American Blues Vol. 1 was made by this friend of mine. He is not a video-director...just a guy from New Jersey who wanted to put images to a song that hit home for him. He wanted me to share it.....so here is American Blues Vol 1.

Patriotism is not a conservative/Republican only value. Don't let them scare or shame you into thinking that it is.

Watch the video:

Listen to other Pete Yorn songs, courtesy of last.fm.


tacomamike said on November 1, 2008 at 11:29 AM ...

Great song, and due to you posting it, I now have heard of Pete Yorn, and now have downloaded a few of his albums from Zune Marketplace. More of his material is at

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