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I thought that I would just go ahead and get this blog posting out of the way now. I mean why wait until November 4th? With just 14 days until the 2008 elections, all metrics point to an Obama victory or possibly even an Obama landslide victory. After a few drinks, even those inside the McCain camp will tell you that it's all but over for John McCain.

Pollster.com shows Obama with 313 electoral votes, McCain with 157 (you need 270 to win). The Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama with 52%, McCain with 41%. Intrade betting has Obama with 364, McCain with 174.

In the weeks following an Obama victory, when we look back and ponder "What was the pivotal moment that lead to an Obama win?", I think we will find that it came down to seven words: "The fundamentals of the economy are strong".

During the opening stages of the recent economic meltdown, and even after it was painstakingly obvious that things were looking pretty bad, McCain blindly repeated these words over and over. After a while, he then tried to put a spin on it saying that by "fundamentals", he was referring to "the American workers". No one with half a brain bought that lame story (except of course Palin).

BTW, picking Sarah Palin didn't help either. She has turned out to be nothing more than comic relief and caused many, many, many, many, many people to question McCain's judgment.

On January 21st, President Barack Obama with the help of Vice President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Treasury Secretary Mike Bloomberg will set out to steer this country back on course after eight long years of disastrous policies.


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