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Obama/Hagel '08

It is still to be seen whether an Obama/Clinton "dream ticket" will ever come to pass. With all of the bad blood, it's hard to imagine Obama would offer, and even if he did, hard to see that Hillary would accept.

Obama is all about "new politics" and The Clintons (yes plural) are anything but. So who could Obama pick to help win over hard working white voters (you know, the ones who cling to their guns and religion) and show he truly is the candidate of change? Some have floated the Republican senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel.

Why on earth would Obama consider Hagel as a possible veep? It is no secret that Hagel disagrees with Bush/McCain on the war and is the Republican party's most outspoken critic. A perfect fit to Obama's "a war that never should have been authorized, never should have been waged".

Hagel has also offered up some kind words about Obama.  "I like Barack Obama a lot. He's smart. He listens. He learns. He's a worthy candidate for president".

Listen to Senator Hagel on MSNBC's Morning Joe. He sounds like he's all but auditioning for the part.

What better way for Obama to "reach across the isle" than to offer the vice presidency to the other party. Washington may never be the same.

*** Update *** I have an update to this article here.


Unknown said on May 13, 2008 at 11:11 AM ...

I think it's a great idea! i actually really like chuck hagel. better send it to the obama campaign.

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