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Fun Laptop Prank

image Here's a fun little prank that you can pull if you are in a big IT shop with a lots of laptops. Many people lock down their laptops during the day with a cabled Kensington security lock.

First you must select your victim. Find someone with a combination lock (not one with a key) who leaves the cable tied around their desk or cube when they go home for the evening.

Wait for him/her go go home for the day. Some people are lazy and simply leave the combination unscrambled. Make a note of their combination.

The next day they will lock up their laptop as usual. Now wait for the right opportunity when your victim is away from his/her desk.

Unlock the laptop and change the combination (there is generally a button that you can push). Make sure to write down the new code. Then lock the laptop back up.

Now just sit back and wait until 5:00 and watch them sweat trying to unlock their laptop. After 3-4 minutes you should probably fess up and tell them the new code. smile_regular


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