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jQuery jToday Plugin


Earlier today I released my first jQuery plugin titled jProgressBar. I am please to announce that I have a second free plugin available. It's called jToday.

jToday is an easy to use jQuery plugin that displays a "Today Is" like calendar view. How easy? The calendar icon in the sample above was created with one line of JavaScript (of course there is also some CSS backing up the style of the control).

Passing nothing will display today's date:

  1. $(".jToday").jToday();


Passing a Date variable will display any given date:

  1. $(".jToday").jToday(new Date(2009, 3, 27));


You can even embed a YYYY-MM-DD date string in the HTML div element (in which case passing nothing will not display today's date).

  1. <div class="jToday">2008-01-01</div>


Get the code

jToday is being offered on CodePlex. You can get the latest code here.


Ric said on April 27, 2010 at 11:04 AM ...


Having some issues with jToday not finding a match for the date. I've beat my head against the wall enough, and need to see if you're willing to look at why the match statement isn't properly detecting the match for a date formatted at yyyy-MM-dd.

Please help!

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