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My friends Jill and David, who live in Baltimore, dropped everything to volunteer for the Obama campaign. They drove to Manassas, Virginia (2-3 hours away) each day for over a week during the waning days of the election to knock on doors and write letters designed to get out the vote.

Because of their dedicated work, the campaign staff gave them both VIP seating at the last Obama rally in Manassas Virginia on Monday night. Below is a picture of David taken by another Baltimore resident that they happened to meet on the way out of the event.

It is because of hard working people like Jill and David that allowed Obama to carry Virginia on his way to victory in the Tuesday election. They must feel very proud. I know that I am very proud of them.

(click to enlarge)

BTW, David and Jill were also at our election night party. David is the guy sitting in the red chair in the bottom photo and Jill is sitting across the room from him.


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