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Obama is airing this 2 minute commercial "Will our country be better off four years from now?". In it Barack Obama looks straight into the camera and explains how he would solve the issues that face the country.

At the same time, John McCain is airing his 30 second “vote for me or you will die” commercial. It features Joe Biden (in his own words) stating that a new president will be tested. The McCain campaign took no time to turn those words against Obama.

But wait... Didn’t Joe Lieberman (a McCain supporter) make the same statement back in June on Face the Nation? Why didn’t the Obama campaign jump all over this? Because they aren’t desperate like the McCain campaign. Democrats have certain moral standards, unlike the Republicans.

Inspire or fear and hate? Hmmm. You decide.

Watch Obama’s commercial:

McCain’s "vote for me or die" commercial:

And watch Joe Lieberman make the same statement as Biden:


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