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Reality show politics

In the interest of Obama, I am not going to mention "her". But I will say that the recent McCain-"her" bump is a reminder to those of us embroiled in the heated debates and latest press releases. There are many people in our country who don't believe government matters or that the president really has much effect on our lives. To a certain extent, they are right. After all, the checks and balances of three branches of government exist such that no one gets too much power. (Although, I don't think our founders would appreciate the executive branch's tipping the scales these last 8 years. That's why the back up plan to restrict them to 2 terms was also excellent planning.) Point is, when you don't think that government works well or that they are all corrupt (which is probably a little true), it follows that "issues" become irrelevant and most of these people might not even vote. UNLESS, you can get them excited in an American Idol kind of way. You know, you watch that show once and then you start having a favorite, figuring out which one you like and thus want to win. The introduction of "her" brought in those people, the ones that might not have even voted, but now they want to watch the show, too. "She's a mom like me! oh how fun, I want her to win!" It doesn't matter that she is, as one conservative recently wrote "shockingly unqualified", because everyone in Washington is a bum anyway, right? Good news is, on election day they'll be texting their vote to Ryan Seacrest.


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