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I wanted to take a picture of some interesting old cars that are being used in a movie shoot. There was a vintage police car, a milk truck, an old Cadillac and taxi cab to the far right. The problem was that there were too many cars to fit them into one shot. How could I get one photo that encompassed the taxi cab and the police car? Enter Windows Live with it’s panoramic photo stitch feature.

Here are two “before” photos that I took.

image image 

As you can see, I’ve overlapped the images a bit (i.e. the white panel van appears in both). First I select the two photos.

I loaded Windows Live Photo Gallery and selected the two pictures.


Then I clicked Make then Create panoramic photo…


I was amazed that this was all that I needed to do. I was sure that there would be some more user input needed (e.g. I might have to select the order or do some final positioning). A few moments later and it was done.

Here is the completed product (click to enlarge):

Windows Live Photo Gallery with it's panoramic photo stitch is truly amazing!


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