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image On a day when Washington was abuzz with the news that former White House spokesperson Scott McClellan had published a tell-all memoir, President George W. Bush offered his personal reason for not reading it.

"I have no intention of reading Scott McClellan's book," Mr. Bush told reporters, "because it's a book."

Mr. Bush said he was "surprised" that Mr. McClellan had written a book to criticize him because "if you're trying to communicate some criticism to me, a book is pretty much the last place you'd put it."

The president said that he thought the chances of his someday reading Mr. McClellan's book were "zero," adding:

"If I didn't read the Iraq Study Group's report, I really don't think I'm about to read Scott McClellan's little book."

The above from The Huffington Post.

This would be funny, except for the fact that this is our President we're talking about here! This may be the end of days.


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