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Viva Chuck Todd!


While watching Morning Joe today (as I always start my day), I heard Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist joking about a new fan site devoted to MSNBC's Political Director and "number's man", Chuck Todd. It's called Viva Chuck Todd.

I love the current online poll asking: "Chuck Todd Facial Hair - Yea or Nea?". Your choices are: "Keep it", "Shave it" and "Let the Super Delegates decide".

Or this "Chuck Todd Fact":

When Chuck Todd signs off with "You Got It"; you better damn well have it.

Chuck Todd Facts

Want more Chuck Todd Facts? Then check out the new web site devoted to all facts related to Chuck Todd. Here are a few:

The bumper sticker on Jesus's car reads "WWCTD?"

Unlike Spock, the evil Chuck Todd who lives in a parallel universe does NOT have a goatee.

You can also submit your own. Visit Chuck Todd Facts at ChuckToddFacts.com.


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